Anger Management A-Z


Anger Management A-Z: 26 Life Lessons for Your Success

By Sheila K. Bonnett, M.S.W. and Terry D. Crotinger, M.C.

Have PTSD clients who are stuck on anger? Problems with domestic violence? Referred by the court for anger management? Looking for a way to provide interactive homework between sessions? This workbook is for you. It not only teaches new tools for anger control, but is meant to increase insight, happiness and peace. Anger Management A-Z is a building tool that can be applied to teens and adults, both individually and in groups.

If your client:

  • has an anger problem
  • thinks they may have an anger problem
  • has lost a job or relationship due to anger challenges
  • knows someone who has an anger problem

and he or she wants to:

  • find the right path
  • learn where to discover happiness
  • improve relationships
  • make better life choices
  • dictate their own destiny
  • control decisions
  • find inner peace
  • satisfy their probation officer or the courts

this workbook is the one for them.

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ABC’s To Control, Alter, Delete Anger
What Is The Basis for Your Anger?
Choices and Consequences
Displaced Anger: the Blame Game
Expectations Determine Outcomes
Family: Friend or Foe?
Health and Anger
Increasing Your Power and Impulse Control
Judgment and Assumption
Knowledge Is Power
Lies, Lies, Lies
Magnifying Challenges
Natural Consequences
Overwhelming Pain of Anger
Playing the Hand You’re Dealt
Relating To Others: Better Communication
United You Stand
Factors of X
Yielding to Yahoos and Yokels


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