PTSD: A Guide to the Basics


PTSD: A Guide to the Basics
How Hypnotherapy Can Help

By Joan Courtney

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PTSD: A Guide to the Basics
How Hypnotherapy Can Help

By Joan Courtney

Want to spread the word about how you can help your clients with symptoms of PTSD? This book is written to educate the general public on how hypnotherapy can assist to reduce PTSD. Symptoms helped include anxiety, phobic responses, panic attacks, hypervigilance, nightmares, insomnia, grief, regret, emotional numbness, low self-esteem and more.

Use this as a marketing tool to gain entrance to your potential clients.

Table of Contents



PTSD: a Definition

PTSD: What’s its Cause?

Incidence and Prevalence of PTSD

Current Modalities of Treatment for Symptoms of PTSD

Memory and the Brain: Some Physiology

In What Areas Can Hypnotherapy Help?

Anxiety and Panic Disorders
Fears and Phobias
Low Self-Esteem
Insomnia and Nightmares
Stress and Anger


PTSD and Associated Symptoms
PTSD Self-Test
Suggestions for Hypnotherapists
Working with Clients Experiencing PTSD
Stressed Out? Or in Control?
Fears/Phobia Treatment Tips

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